How was Karaoke Started?

Karaoke was started on the Kyrios Server when a small group of us wanted to get wasted and sing our hearts out. It has since become a monthly gathering of like minded gamers and people that enjoy showing off their talents. Our special guests include Kooncoon, Daige, Special K, Ismirim and Thundahawk. More to come!

Meet the Team

Karaoke is hosted and sponsored by the following:


TracyFacey (Hip)

Karaoke Queen

Tracyfacey started out as a #KyriosNews reporter and has since been the one to organize Karaoke for the masses that demand their monthly fix!



Resident DJ

Sharing his love of music, Auktagon is the best person for the job! The ladies love him and he brings life to the party!


Wupp (hop)

Tech Guy

Wupp Enjoys long walks on the beach and the short silence of the times Tracy is not asking him to drop everything and fix something that is broken.